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Can I at anytime cancel my order?

As all numberplates made are bespoke items made to your order they can't be sold to anybody else as they are bespoke items. Once your order has been placed it is produced immediately so we are unable to cancel it or make any alterations or amendments. We would strongly advise you Contact us BEFORE placing an order if you have any queries or you're uncertain of what you require BEFORE you place the order, as we can't refund anything once you've placed the order.

On my confirmation email shows my registration is all in Lowercase letters, will my showplates be made like that?

Not at all this just means that when you typed in your details it was in lowercase. However, your slogan WILL be printed as you have typed it in as this part can be in Upper or Lower case.

Do you pre-drill the holes in your Showplates?

No we don't pre-drill any of our plates as no vehicle holes are in standard positions, so we advise that you use our sticky plate pads where ever possible for cars. Fixing kits are available in our products section and are available when ordering your plates.

We also supply nut and bolt sets which are specifically for motorcycles and we recommend are used for all motorcycles.

If you do want to drill your plates all you need to do is put your exsisting number plate on top of the new and mark the new plate where the holes are, then drill your new number plates from the FRONT. This means that the holes will be in exactly the same place as the old plates.

I'm not sure of my vehicle's plate size can you tell me what size I will require?

Sorry unfortunately we are unable to advise you which plates you will require to fit your vehicle. The majority of number plates are 520mmx111mm but we advise that you measure your current plates on your vehicle before you place your order.

Can I order plate fixing kits from your website?

Yes, when you go to the checkout our full range of fixings that we offer are listed.

Do you accept telephone orders?

We no longer accept telephone orders as we have found that many problems may arise and neither party has any written proof of the order. Should you have any questions you can contact us via email and we will try respond by return.