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Fixings and Accessories


Car Number Plate Fixing Kit

8 Double Sided Sticky Pads, 4 x Self-Tapping Screws, 4 x Black Caps, 2 x Yellow Caps, 2 x White Caps. Essential kit required for hassle free fitting.


Bike Fixing Kit

8 Double Sided Sticky Pads, 2 x Yellow, 2 x Black & 2 x White Nylon Nuts/Bolts. Essential bike fixing kit required for hassle free fitting.


Number Plate Sticky Pads

These are the best quality double sided adhesive pads you will find. We recommend 1 pack for a pair of standard size plates (6 each plate). Please order 2 packs for larger plate sizes.


Anti-theft Number Plate Bolts

Don't become a victim to Car Crime. Anti-theft bolts uses special 'spinning sleeves', so thieves can't use normal tools to remove your plates. These are a must have.


Car Care/Cleaning

Screen Wash Pod

One active pod creates 5 litres of screen wash. Suitable for up to -5 degrees. Just drop one screen wash pod into washer fluid reservoir and add up to 5 litres of water. Eco-friendly - help eradicate plastic bottle waste.


Kent Synthetic Chamois Cloth

KENT Synthetic Chamois are specially designed to make it faster and easier for you to keep your car looking in showroom condition both inside and out.


Kent Supersoft Microfibre Towels (3)

The KENT Supersoft Microfibre Towels are ideal for use on cars, in house and on boats.


Kent Super Quality Large Sponge

Large surface area; Helps protect paintwork; Great for washing all car surfaces including bodywork, glass, plastic and bumper


Armor All Leather Wipes

Fine leather requires special attention and care. Pamper yours with Armor All Leather Care wipes and make it look like it did the day you drove your car home from the dealer..


Armor All Dashboard Wipes

Armor All Car Dashboard Wipes. The Armor All Car Dashboard Wipes are a pack of 30 impregnated cleaning wipes, ideal for cleaning all plastic and vinyl dashboards. They are specifically designed to clean, shine and protect the surface, leaving a matt finish with a fresh citrus fragrance.


Armor All All-Round Wipes

One-step cleaningStrong enough to use on a variety of surfaces without them tearing apartWith stain remover to tackle against common dirt and spills such as; ground in dirt, mud, ink, burger grease, ketchup, black tea and coffee, red wine and motor oils


Armorall Antibacterial Wipes

Ideal for wiping down your car to keep germs away. Antibacterial wipes easy to use with sealed container to keep your wipes wet.


Armorall Glass Wipes

Quickly removes tough road dirt, grime and insects that ordinary household cleaners cannot handle Leaves windows streak-free for maximum visibility Does not contain ammonia, which means it is safe for tinted windows One wipe can treat an entire interior windscreen Quick and easy to use, no mess.


Small Single Microfibre Cloth Blue

Single Microfibre Cleaning Cloth in Orange - Soft Non Scratch - 23cm x 23cm


Car Air Fresheners

Magic Little Tree Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum


Magic Little Tree Strawberry

Strawberry Scent Magic Tree


Magic Little Tree Forrest Fresh

Forrest Fresh Magic Tree


Magic Little Tree Summer Cotton

Summer Cotton


Magic Little Tree Lemon Sherbert

Lemon Sherbert


Magic Little Tree Coconut



Magic Little Tree Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry Magic Tree



Bottle Opener Light Blue


Black Anodized Tyre Valve Dust Caps (x4)


Blue Anodized Tyre Valve Dust Caps (x4)


Chrome Anodized Tyre Valve Dust Caps (x4)


Red Anodized Tyre Valve Dust Caps (x4)


Purple Anodized Tyre Valve Dust Caps (x4)


Number Plate Frame Grey

Number plates just simply slot into the holder and clip at the bottom. Fixings will be required to attach the holder to your vehicle. Fits standard oblong number plates.


I Phone Lightning to USB Cable.

I Phone Charger USB Plugs straight into USB in Car or Plug. Compatible with all I Phone 6/7/8/10/XS/11/12/13 Pro / Max (*ONLY 6 LEFT IN STOCK*)


Wireless Personal Body Therapeutic Massager.

Gift For Your Loved One! Treat your partner with this top reviewed product - Wireless Wand Massager - Waterproof. (*ONLY 2 LEFT IN STOCK)


USB & USC Dual Car Charger For New Apple Cable

Dual USB & USC Car Charger Fast Charging, USB & USC adapter 3.1A Cigarette Lighter Socket for all USB connections. LED display monitors the car battery voltage in real time.



New I Phone Cable Charging Lead. Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with Lightning connector to your USB-C or Our Cigarette Charger below.


Pink Number Plate Frame

Pink Number Plate Frame, Number plate easily slots into the frame holder.


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